About Us
Awesome action.. Indoors!
About Us...
CMS Indoor Action Sports is proud to launch the first and only official Reball® paint-less paintball™  center in the Southeast.  We started CMS to provide a great experience for all ages.
Play indoor paint-less paintball™ at the most revolutionary facility of its kind today. Whether you’re a first time player or an experienced “Hi-Tech” player, CMS Indoor Action Sports will offer you the best time and most bang for the buck than any facility in the region!
This is Reball® …come experience the evolution of indoor paintball and one of the most fun extreme sports today, right here in West Palm Beach.
Reball® is all the fun of paintball and airsoft without ANY of the mess!  You can enjoy the heart pounding, fast paced, adrenaline pumping action of paintball and airsoft with Reball®.  All at a fraction of the price of regular paintball.  Reball® is a paint-less paintball that can be used over and over again saving you money!  It uses all the standard equipment for paintball so if you have your own gear bring it on in.
Indoor action with no bugs, no mess and no heat!